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Planning any event can seem a little overwhelming sometimes. Whether it is your dream wedding, that milestone anniversary, a birthday bash or even a family reunion you want it to be amazing! 

Julie Singer has been planning and helping other people with there special events for over  15 years all over Southern California.  Everlasting Visions is a Event Planning and Full Floral Service Company.  Julie has been a florist for many years and truly enjoys working with you on color and flower choices to help you with "that" right look.  She can help you plan an event of your dreams on any budget by offering, through the years of experience, honest and solid advise.  "We have done hundreds of events of all types and no event is every the same, this is what we want for you as a client, to be able to have your event stand out to your guests in every way".  The event industry offers so many of the same items to everyone which can give you the same result and look, the difference is in presentation and the personalizing of your event to fit you and your family.  

We offer you, with our service, a pride in what we do and a smile that keeps you going through the process of planning, it should be a fun time for you and all involved.  Julie loves what she does and along with her husband Doug and staff that has been with her for over 5 years you will have the feeling that extended family is with you through this planning time.  Being from the mid-west and growing up with a large family this is something Julie is very much proud of. 

Please call today for a free consultation and see if they are a fit for your speical event.    


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